Governance and Development Soapbox

PEA Update 3: PEA Case studies (grouped by level of analysis – global, regional, country, sector – and problem driven PEA within a sector)

This blog forms part of a series of internal Political Economy Analysis (PEA) updates compiled by Priya Chattier/Tara Davda, with general wisdom by Graham Teskey and Lavinia Tyrrel. Thanks to Leisa Gibson (and Priya) for GESI support. We will aim to publish these every fortnight or so. Watch this space.

Political economy analysis (PEA) is important for ensuring the formulation of robust country or sector plans, and programmes which maximise the quality and impact of aid. They can help to ‘reveal’ the power dynamics, interests and incentives which lie beneath formal structures and can play a key role in mitigating risk. Critically, they can be used to guide donors on where to focus effort. This fortnight includes references for approaching PEA at the country, sector and regional level.

Noteworthy PEA case studies:

Credit: 9GAG