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PEA Update 5: Putting TWP, PDIA, DDD and AM into Practice (or, more colloquially, what these tongue twister terms mean and why they matter)

This blog forms part of a series of internal Political Economy Analysis (PEA) updates compiled by Priya Chattier/Tara Davda, with general wisdom by Graham Teskey and Lavinia Tyrrel. Thanks to Leisa Gibson (and Priya) for GESI support. We will aim to publish these every fortnight or so. Watch this space.

This week provides more detail on each of the PEA discourses, and touches on their evolution. It dives into topics such as how to make sense of the different varieties of PEA, summarised as Thinking Working Politically (TWP), Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA), Doing Development Differently (DDD) and Adaptive Management (AM).

Image credit: Hans India

Key differences and features between the discourses

And finally, an excellent summary of differences between PDIA, TWP and PEA (ie. What we’re missing by not getting our TWP alphabet straight), while the figure above summarises some of the key differences and features between the discourses.