‘How to’ guides

While many development actors are increasingly thinking politically, there is scant evidence yet regarding the practice and implications of working politically – especially in Facility-style mechanisms. This brief, and its associated How To notes, discuss and share how the KOMPAK team have been ‘learning to do TWP’. While the approach is still being developed, tested and rolled-out by KOMPAK, it is hoped that these early lessons and tools will add to the international body of knowledge on what it actually takes to implement a TWP approach in large, multi-sector, Facilities

How to Note #1 – What is TWP

How to Note #2 – Why and How Does KOMPAK Apply TWP

How to Note #3 – TWP ‘Tools’

How to Note #4 – Defining the Problem

How to Note #5 – Actor and Institutional Analysis

How to Note #6 – Political Strategies for Action

How to Note #7 – Review and Reflection