Mark Harradine:  Abt Australia broadens its governance expertise. 

Mark Harradine has recently joined the Abt Australia Governance Practice, bringing with him over two decades of experience in governance, indigenous land relations, and climate change and disaster management – in public, academic and private sectors. We grabbed Mark for a quick chat and he told us:

“I live in Canberra but spend a fair bit of my time in Vanuatu working on a program called ‘Governance for Growth’  or (GfG). This program talks about concepts known in the industry as ‘doing development differently’ and ‘thinking and acting politically’. Well, GfG has to be about the best example of those ideas in practice. GfG is a DFAT funded program, jointly managed with the Government of Vanuatu and is really focused on connecting governance and service delivery. “

“I’ve been involved in it one way or another for ten years – all of the jobs have been amazing: from helping coordinate a cyclone recovery program to supporting the introduction of free primary education, evaluating customary land management to advising on structure and functions of the Prime Minister’s Ministry.”

“GfG’s most recent work in this space is developing an applied research facility to support evidence based decision making. Another line of work I’m involved in is in the Australian Government Director of National Parks.”

“My work here focuses on supporting the traditional owners to achieve their aspirations and goals through the mechanism of leasehold agreements with the Commonwealth Government.  With all of that, am still trying to find time to pursue some research interests in the area of customary land alienation and Melanesian leadership forms.”