Write for us

We are always looking for exciting guest content. We publish commentary on official development assistance, foreign aid, governance, economics, corruption, foreign policy, and all things relating to developing countries.

Perhaps you have some research that you’d like to share, or an opinion piece on the politics of development? Maybe you were inspired by a book you read recently or a workshop you attended and you’d like to review it? Maybe you have a fresh perspective on a development problem? Or perhaps you simply want to share your experience of travelling or working on a development program or a project? You can pitch a blog or an idea on anything related to development.

Although we prefer shorter blogs (500 – 800 words), if you have something longer, we will work with you to find a suitable publishing format. We also publish Briefing Notes (1000 – 1500 words) and Working Papers (in-depth analysis, typically more than 1500 words).

If you’d like to pitch an idea, please do get in-touch. Our editors can offer editorial assistance and support, provide general guidance on content or simply act as a sounding board to launch or bounce your ideas.

Email us at governancepractice@abtassoc.com.au

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